Lasting Results That Resonate with Both the Market and Your Bottom Line
When it’s time to get serious about making things happen, and they’re critical to your business success, you want to make sure you have the right people working with you.

The Resonance Group is a strategic business and marketing consultancy focused on delivering results for executives in the fast-paced, demanding environment in which technology companies—and their customers—compete and thrive.

Each member of The Resonance Group brings more than 15 years deep experience in the technology industry, and has served in executive, founder, and hands-on, make-it-happen roles. We know what works and what doesn’t and how to help you achieve your objectives in a way which builds value for both you and your company. Spearheading high-visibility, high-stakes initiatives in and with large global enterprises such as HP, Microsoft, Adobe, Getty Images and Tektronix, we cross-pollinate our perspective with our ongoing work with small, scrappy start-up companies where the entire budget is the equivalent of a rounding error on their competitors’ financial plan but the ideas are new and big enough to change the world.

The Resonance Group measures our success not by how famous we get, but how well our work makes you successful and how well it gets integrated throughout your company as its own.

Contact us to talk about what you’re trying to achieve. We can help.